Guercon Automation



Welcome on the website of Guercon Automation.


Guercon is a long family story, started up by my father in 1965. A that time, he invented, conceived and licensed several machines related to industrial automation. His best references remain the packaging machines fo coffee filters, doses and other capsules, as well as the packaging machine for thin Ziz smelted cheese.  

Michel Guérin

Hence, I took over the family business as of 1986. Since that time our competenties and experience matured with the market needs. Industrial Mainteance remains our focus but we also offer a wide range of solutions in the area of Solar Energy.

In terms of Industrial Maintenance we help industries with:

·        The engineering of gear according to plans;

·        The design and the building of hydraulic and pneumatic thrustors;

·        The design and the building of different electro mechanical installations;

·        The design and the building of different automation systems;

·        The building of sanitary installations, air conditioning systems and domestic & industrial electricity;

·        The design and the building of electro pneumatic control panels ;

·        A 24/24h maintenance & repair service.